ACC-9 ™

Air cooler cleaner

ACC-9 air cooler cleaner is a combination of non-abrasive, non-corrosive solvents, detergents and inhibitors. When sprayed on soiled parts of an air cooler, ACC-9 cleaner penetrates and dissolves accumulated deposits, oil and grease so they can be removed by blowing with compressed air or washing with a stream of water. ACC-9 cleaner is highly effective in cleaning soiled air coolers as well as all types of engine parts.
Industrial applications:Air Cooler Cleaner.
Cleaning agent for machinery and equipment. Removal of oil,grease and varnish from air-coolers,air-compressors,exhaust valves and other engine room equipment.



Descaling compound 

SAF-ACID descaling compound is a special blend of sulfamic acid, wetting agent and color indicator. The wetting agent enhances the action of the sulfamic acid in removing deposits by its surface active cleaning properties. The color indicator provides a simple means for determining whether the strength of the SAF-ACID solution is adequate for effective, efficient cleaning.
Industrial applications:Metal cleaning.Cleaning mineral deposits from boilers,piping,heat exchangers,etc.



L iquid acid descaler

DESCALE-IT descaler is a liquid scale remover for cleaning heat exchange surfaces of deposits that impair efficiency. The use of DESCALE-IT descaler eliminates costly downtime and expensive manual descaling. The inhibitor contained in DESCALE-IT descaler prevents serious attack of the base metal after solution of heat exchanger deposits is complete. DESCALE-IT descaler is recommended for descaling boilers, evaporators, condensers, heaters and coolers.
Industrial applications:Rust and scale remover.



Oil spill dispersant
OSD/LT oil spill dispersant is a superior low toxicity oil dispersant for combating oil spill pollution. The powerful wetting agents and solvents combine with a fast penetrating oil soluble liquid carrier which is specifically designed to disperse oil spilled on water.
Besides being used for oil spills, OSD/LT oil spill dispersant also has proven itself to be an effective product for cleaning and dispersing oil on solid surfaces such as docks, decks and piers.
Industrial applications:Oil spill dispersant



O il and grease remover

O&GR oil and grease remover is a neutral blend of active cleaning agents and emulsifying solvents. It penetrates and dissolves grease, oil and grimy soils forming a soluble mixture which can be rinsed away with water.
O&GR grease remover can be used as a cleaner for metal, parts and tools, painted and unpainted surfaces, decks, bulkheads, machinery, engines and wherever grease, oil and grimy soils are a problem.
Industrial applications:Cleaning agent for,machinery and equipment Oil and grease remover.



Quick separating degreaser

AMEROID OWS quick separating degreaser is a superior solvent emulsifying detergent for general engine room degreasing and for cleaning and gas freeing of bilges. Its unique blend of surfactants, wetting agents, and solvents results in a product which has exceptional cleaning properties, breaks quickly, and does not harm the operation of oily water separators required under the MARPOL regulations.
Industrial applications:Cleaning agent for,machinery and equipment. Quick separating bilge-cleaner.



Heavy duty cleaner

DREWFRESH 2000 heavy duty cleaner is a clear red, citrus scented, non-flammable, high-performing microemulsion cleaner containing biodegradable components. This patented* composition is designed especially for removing difficult baked-on oils, carbonized deposits and heavy greases. DREWFRESH 2000 heavy duty cleaner can be used neat or diluted with fresh or sea water. It is safe for ferrous and non-ferrous metals and outperforms leading citrus-based cleaners.
Industrial applications:Heavy Duty Emulsifier.



Motor and parts cleaner 

DREW ELECTRIC 2000 motor and parts cleaner is a highly efficient non-chlorinated solvent designed to be used in electric parts cleaning applications requiring deep penetration with a controlled evaporation rate. It is economical to use and can be applied on large motors, generators, and electrical apparatus as well as smaller equipment.
DREW ELECTRIC 2000 cleaner has a high dielectric strength and low non-volatile residue value making it an excellent replacement for 1-1-1 TCE-based products.

Industrial applications:Removal of oil and grease from (electric)motor parts.