Seawater cooling system treatment (for marine use only)
AMERSPERSE 280 seawater cooling system treatment is a  highly effective antifoulant and seawater biocide designed to control the growth of microorganism (bacteria and fungi) and barnacle larvae on shipboard seawater heat exchangers.
Industrial applications:Microbiocide for cooling water treatment.



Seawater dispersant
DREWSPERSE SWD seawater dispersant is a highly effective dispersant for keeping the seawater cooling system free from marine fouling. Keeping the seawater cooling system free from micro-biological (bacteria and fungi) or macrobiological (mussels, plants, etc.) growths is essential for maintaining the cooling capacity of today's high efficiency systems. When used on a regular basis, DREWSPERSE SWD seawater dispersant prevents fouling by dispersing sea growth and preventing it from adhering to marine heat transfer equipment.
DREWSPERSE SWD dispersant does not contain any phenolics, chlorinated solvents or other harsh chemicals.
The Department of Transport of the U.K. has approved its use in systems which supply feedwater for the evaporators.

Industrial applications:Seawater dispersant.