General purpose cleaner

ENVIROMATE 2000 general purpose cleaner is a new generation water-based cleaner formulated to meet
the marine industry‚Äôs strict requirements for safety and performance. 

ENVIROMATE 2000 cleaner with its unique blend of cleaning agents is a non-flammable general purpose cleaner perfect for a broad range of deck, offshore, hotel and galley applications. This product is also perfect for a broad range of ultrasonic cleaning applications.

Industrial applications:General purpose cleaner.



Heavy duty cleaner
EDGE heavy duty cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner specifically formulated to meet the marine industry's
requirements for cleaning action, safety and environmental considerations. Combines heavy duty cleaning with fast-penetrating wetting agents for the power needed to remove stubborn soils, while remaining mild enough not to harm most surfaces. EDGE cleaner provides an excellent alternative to traditional solventbased and highly alkaline cleaners.

Industrial applications:Aqueous Heavy Duty cleaner for the marine industry.



Tank cleaner 
TC#4 tank cleaner is a superior hydrophilic, solvent emulsifying detergent for cleaning and gas freeing
cargo tanks that have been contaminated with petroleum residues. TC#4 cleaner can be used diluted or neat for cleaning cargo tanks, deep tanks and bilges. It is safe for most tank coatings and can be applied to any of the standard tank cleaning methods including rock and roll, machine cleaning or hand spraying.

Industrial applications:Cleaning agent for machinery and equipemnt Tank Clener.



Liquid alkaline cleaner
LAC liquid alkaline cleaner is a combination of fast-acting detergents, wetting agents and alkaline cleaners blended in a water-based carrier. It is applied as a highly diluted solution, with fresh or salt water, to remove edible fats and oils, as well as light fuel and lube oils from cargo and storage tanks and associated systems. LAC cleaner is an effective tank deodorizer following cleaning with petroleum-based tank cleaners.