Fuel oil treatment

FOT fuel oil treatment is a highly effective blend of self-dispersing solvents, surfactants, detergents and emulsifying agents. It has been designed to overcome the numerous difficulties in handling and burning heavy residual fuels.
Industrial applications:Fuel oil conditioner;disperses sludge and emulsifies water.


Fuel oil conditioner

AMERGY 222 fuel oil conditioner is a premium blend of solvents, dispersants, surfactants and detergents for minimizing the effects of fuel instability and incompatibility. Asphaltenes can precipitate from the fuel and form sludge deposits when blended fuels are mixed with existing blended fuels during bunkering operations. AMERGY 222 conditioner represents the newest technology in preventing these problems.
Industrial applications:Fuel oil conditioner;disperses sludge and emulsifies water.


Microbiocide fuel treatment

AMERSTAT 25 microbiocide fuel treatment is highly effective in providing total control against biodegradation of distillate fuel in storage tanks.
Industrial applications:Microbiocide for Fuel treatment.



Deposit modifier/combustion improver

AMERGIZE deposit modifier/combustion improver is a unique blend of oil soluble organometallics which have been shown to be most effective in 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines operating on heavy fuel oils.

Engine tests have shown that the combined ingredients in AMERGIZE deposit modifier/combustion improver provide a synergistic effect to reduce deposits and improve combustion.
Industrial applications:Fuel additive. Deposit modifier and combustion improver for fireside treatment.



C ombustion improver
AMERGY 5000 combustion improver is a unique blend of multiple organometallic catalysts, formulated to improve the oxidation of heavy fuel oil and promote more complete combustion. Soluble in all grades of fuel, it finds application in both marine diesel engines and marine boilers.
Industrial applications:Fuel additive. Combustion Improver.

Air cylinder increase AMERGY-1000 or AMERGIZE before and after compared chart.
Burns incompletion the carbon particles in store.
The fuel oil burns completely does not have in store Carbon particles.
Turbine wheel booster compressor exhaust side, increase AMERGIZE before and after compared chart.
Saves the carbon deposition filthy situation.
Not in store carbon particles.
The discharge valve sells the high temperature corrosion vanadium compound corrosion situation.
Solution countermeasure : Increase AMERGIZE