Kerjohn Bond Co., Ltd. was established in May 1985.
President , Mr. R. D. Kuo is the owner of Li Jen Customs Broker
Co., Ltd.

Kerjohn is as a Logistice Warehouse Service; and professional delivery agents of Marine Chemicals and Petroleum products ( Marine Lubricants and Air Lubricants) in Taiwan Area. Combining Li Jen Customs Broker Co., Ltd., Kerjohn could have enough experience to offer all customers especially for international marine lubricants companies including customs brokering,warehousing management and delivery transportation service. Kerjohn,could the 24-hours stand-by to control all the sailing schedule

for marine delivery service, have already gained good affirmation and reliance from petroleum companies. To further upgrade the quality of service, Kerjohn performed all the operations and deliveries in requirement of S H E ( Safety, Health, Environment ) policy. Safety practices , healthy working circumstances and the protection of our Environment are the greatest importance to contribute profitability to our company. To make great improvements of S H E, Kerjohn manages on a regular report of Safety, Health and environment. Drills for S H E are consecutively held on a regular courses.

To suit customers' requirements of environment and storage space, Kerjohn has located Warehouse at Kaohsiung Harbor W/H No.5   ( 2194.71 M2 ) , W/H No. 6 Empty Ground (1186.9 M2 ) for storage tanks, and W/H No. 31-2 ( 5758.22 M2 ). High standard of Fire Protection Engineering, Ventilation, and Drainage system, been installed on the site and all fire installations have been conformed to the Rules of Fire Department of Government. We have well done to handle environment protection to prevent any pollution of oil spill.


Warehousing and Delivery Agent Service :
A.Warehousing Service :
* to store bonded and duty-paid imports and exports cargoes. Cargoes include Marine and Air Lubricants oil, Marine Chemicals,
   Paints and general cargoes.
* inventory control, loading container, unloading container service.
B.Customs Brokering : customs declaration, customs clearance, transshipment management.
C.Delivery Agent Service: Inland distribution, marine transportation management, Pumping marine lubricants.

Warehouse Facilities :
A.Fork Lifter :
3 sets of 3 ton, 2 sets of 2.5 ton, 1 set of 2.0 ton, and 2 sets 
   of 1.5 ton.
B.Trucks : to fit the vessel schedule , and long distance ports for urgent 
    marine delivery service. Kerjohn has their own truck fleet :
    35 Ton × 3 cars
    17 Ton × 2 cars
    10.5 Ton × 2 cars
    3.5 Ton × 2 cars
    Tank truck × 4 trucks
    All 2005&2006 new trucks.

C.Contractor of transportation : to reduce the costs for lubricant
    companies, we have Barge contractor and truck contractor for big trucks,
    flat bed of trucks.
D.Oil spill protection equipment: Sponge Mad, Wood Powder, Bucket,     Glove Disable, Brush, Disposable Bag, Cloth, Scoop Non Sparking.


Employee :
We have offered on- the- job training for our site work employees and they have got licenses of Fork Lifter, Dangerous Cargoes Transportation. We also have classes periodically to teach our employees professional knowledge of warehousing management and deliverysafety checklist. What's SHE Standards ? We ask our Work's Contractor to join the classes with our employees.

The classes covering :
* trucks and instruments safety checklist
* forklift safety operation
* drivers on the road, and barge safety
* pumping machine and suction hoses testing  periodically
* pumping technique safety
* how to use Oil Spill Protection Equipment


Here are some of our customers; Kerjohn and Li Jen, as the sole warehousing management and deliver agent in Taiwan.

* Total Lubricants Hong Kong Ltd.
* Exxon Mobile Taiwan Branch
* BP Taiwan Marketing Ltd. (BP incorporated with Castrol Lubricants.)
* Drew Ameroid ( Singapore ) Pte, Ltd.
* Taiwan Navigation Co., Ltd.
* Yegeo Corporation Co.
*FEOSO (Singapore) PTE, LTD.

*Chevron Holdings Inc., Taiwan Branch.

We do have some customers who used to co-operation with us and kept us nice relationship. Due to their companies' business policy had changed, Kerjohn didn't continue to supply them the series service. We'd like to list them for your information.

* Shell Taiwan Ltd.
* Mitsui Co., (Taiwan) Ltd.
* Mitsubishi Oil Company Ltd.
* Cosmo Oil Company Ltd.
* Chugoku Marine Paints (Pte) Ltd.
* Nalfleet Chemical Co.

Kaohsiung Harbor is the largest international commercial port in Taiwan. Prime location and the excellent natural harbor have made Kaohsiung an important deep-water port, has met the needs of large commercial vessels. Vessels calling at Kaohsiung Harbor
make good connections to five continents of the world. Kerjohn, has already set up Logistic Warehouse in Kaohsiung Harbor. Kerjohn, has occupied better ideal geographical location and prepare enough space to offer all clients more competitive and up-grade quality of service in future.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

Company : Kerjohn Bond Co., Ltd.
12F Nan Kuang Building, 104 Tzu Chiang 2Nd Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel No. (886) 7-221-7470 , 7-261-6125
E-Mail :
Manager : Ms. Beth Hsu
Assistant Manager : Mr. Vincent Kuo